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Comfort and Leisure in One Address

Paradiso Golf Villas is the only residential property with direct access to the golf course, designed with the theme of Modern Japan Living and all-around service and lifestyle facilities of the Smart Life Balance concept. Reside with us and live up your best life!

About Us

The Manifestation of Your Dream Life

Enjoy the serenity of nature and the convenience of Smart Life Balance within steps from your home.


Relish the beauty of the modern green Japanese living concept


Easy access to accommodation, health, education, and shopping facilities


Quality time with your loved ones through joyful golfing sessions


Create a warm and harmonious community with neighbors who share your interest


The four walls of tranquility and comfort

A home could be many things, and the houses we built are the ones you can rely on. Each unit is designed for your maximum convenience and safety, striving to be the one worth living in.

Units : 46 LB/LT : 145/119
Area : 7 x 17 Type : STD
Levels : 2 Carports : 2
Bedroom : 3 + 1 Bathroom : 3 + 1
Kitchen : 1

The Smart Life Balance concept of Paradiso Golf Villas provides the firsthand experience of joyful living, quality sleep, and lively neighborhoods. This living area is also connected to leading schools, stylish shopping areas, and more accessible facilities for your convenience.

Units : 7 LB/LT : 180/153
Area : 9  x 17 Type : STD
Levels : 2 Carports : 2
Bedroom : 4 + 1 Bathroom : 4 + 1
Kitchen : 2

The golf course, pools, and other public areas of Paradiso Golf Villas help people with similar interests to meet. Positive social interactions would increase your self-esteem and lower risk of bad mental health.

Units : 1 LB/LT : 231/228
Area : 12 x 19 Type : STD
Levels : 2 Carports : 2
Bedroom : 4 + 1 Bathroom : 4 + 1
Kitchen : 1

Paradiso Golf Villas’ Modern Japan Living infrastructure concept combines the refreshing green of nature and the simplicity of urban living, creating a healthy and beautiful residence.


Strategic location in the eastern corridor of Jakarta

Top Investment in East Jakarta

Paradiso Golf Villas is a prestigious golf residence surrounded by 2000 companies and 10.000 expatriates, an ideal environment to join a more extensive network and seize more opportunities. Pick your paradise and enjoy the luxurious facilities for your quality of life!

The perfect home is the one you look forward to coming back to

Make a paradise out of your home with Paradiso Golf Villas

Site Plan

Well-planned area for well-planned benefits

Paradiso Golf Villas understands the modern need for peaceful yet sociable residences; hence the strategic location was chosen to build orderly and easy-to-understand floor plans that allow residents to have their own haven and easy access to public facilities.

Home of Joy and Longevity

Live up to your paradise with the benefits of Smart
Life Balance

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